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Periodic Table of Spectra Poster - International version (not laminated)

Periodic Table of Spectra Poster - International version (not laminated)

  • $29.95

This product is for customers outside of the US only.  Shipping is US $6.95 worldwide.

We love this beautiful 60 x  91 cm poster that shows the spectra for each element. It's printed in brilliant colors and is not laminated

International customers who want the laminated version with higher shipping costs can also order from link.

This poster is a wonderful way to teach that each element has its own spectral "fingerprint."

Makes a great addition to your personal fine art collection, classroom or office! Finally, there's a way to show to your family and friends why you're passionate about science. With a little negotiation, we're sure your spouse, partner, roommate or dog will allow you to hang this in your living room.

If you're a teacher, this poster is a memorable teaching tool! Whether you're teaching chemistry, physics, astronomy or general science, your students will be fascinated by this beautiful and effective presentation. 

For US delivery (or International customers who want lamination) please order our laminated version from this link.

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